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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We use the appropriate shipping method from between land, air or marine shipping. For local shipping, we use Aramex as our major Carrier. For international Shipping we use a number of carriers beside Aramex depending on the distance of shipping.

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Usually we dilever in 24 hours inside Egypt; we will inform you if some delays are expected due to supstantial cercumstances out of our control.

For international shipping, we will dilever within a week pased on the distance.

How Do I Track My Order?

You can track your order on your account page; or call us to know more details at regular office hours by Local time.

Do I Need to have Account To Place Order?

You can place an order as a guest there is no need to hold an account, but you will need to provide a valid phone number to call you to confirm your order or it will be canceled in 3 days.

Other ways of making an order is through phone, if you are not familier with the online ordering you can call us to place your order and we will set up your account for future orders.


What is the return policy?

We prefer if you revise your order and do not accept it at deliver, this well make it easier and shorter to get you the right product. You are free to test the product and try it on you if you are not sure of your size. We can also provide two different sizes for you to try one of them.

What are the Payment Methods?

You have many options to pay for your order

For orders from Egypt, you can choose one of these methods:

  • Pay on delivery.
  • Aman, Fawry…etc
  • Vodaphone, Orange, or others phone cash…. Ask for the appropriate number to use.
  • Bank Wire-Transfer
  • Credit Cards – Visa or Master Card
  • PayPal

For International you can choose one of these methods:

–             Bank Wire-Transfer – Ahead of Delivery

–             Credit Cards – Visa or Master Card

–             PayPal

Why the bee ? 

For my dear Mother memory. She was left alone with four children with no pension and a small business going on. She never stopped working; she never made us feel she was tired or sick. She lived her seventy-seven years as a bee working hard for storing honey for others.

Hugzy Bee team will never stop working for getting you the best products and the best prices from all over the world.



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Call us:

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